Hahahah jag älskar Mark Hoppus!Han tänker och säger alltid saker man önskar att man hade tänkt på eller sagt innan. Han är som mig - tänker och funderar över bra saker!

Som nu.
Detta är hans senaste tanke:

“The Hoppus Technique”

"Okay you guys.  I’ve been giving this a lot of thought.  I think that, in preparation for the inevitable zombie apocalypse, we need to establish a password that both identifies us as humans, AND allows us to differentiate and detect potential zombies.  So here’s my thought:

Once the dust settles from the “zombiepocalypse,” the world will be a barren hellscape, inhabited by roaming hordes of the undead, searching to feast upon the flesh of the small bands of surviving humans who somehow escaped the initial carnage.  Upon encountering another person/zombie, using “The Hoppus Technique,” one issues the challenge: “STOP!!”  The correct response from the other subject to this challenge is “HAMMER TIME!”  Then (and this is VERY IMPORTANT) BOTH PARTIES must perform the entire dance from the “U Can’t Touch This” video.

If either party cannot complete the ENTIRE DANCE, beware!!!  They’re obviously a zombie.  Avoid them at all costs.  Do not trust them, do not give them shelter, do not offer them a spot in your fantasy football league, and do not invite them to your neighborhood pot-luck picnic to celebrate the victory (at the state level) of your local football team.  They’re the walking undead.  Wandering with a bloodlust and unquenchable desire for human flesh and brains.  And when they overrun your stronghold, devouring the skin from your bones, destroying everything you’ve ever known or loved, they’ll take your cellphone and run through all of your “anytime” minutes calling their zombie buddies back home.  The beasts!  They have no soul!!

So can we all agree on this technique of challenge/response?  We need to think of these protocols now, people, before it’s too late!!  The “Hammer Dance” may well be our only hope of survival…"





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